Lakers vs Warriors

The Lakers pulled out the win last night against the Golden State Warriors. With the warriors star player, Stephen Curry, out for the second straight game, it looked as though the Lakers were going to catch a break. Pau Gasol pledged 1,000$ for every point he scored would go to unicef disaster relief for the Philippines. Gasol ended the night with 24 points, and stated that he was thinking about that pledge every time he had the ball in his hands. The Lakers caught another break when Warriors star Andre Igoudala went down as well, it gave the Lakers another advantage. Still awaiting the return of Kobe, the Lakers are holding on until the return of their superstar. 


Season Update for Lakers

The Lakers lost a tight one to the Memphis Grizzles last night, 89-86. While players like Jodie Meeks, who had 25, and Nick Young, who had 19, stepped up the Lakers were still unable to pull out the W. At 4-7 so far in the the year the Lakers are currently 4th place in their division, only ahead of the slugging Kings. As this will likely be down season for the Lakers, the upcoming draft promises at least 10 franchise changing players coming out of college, possibly even 15. Should the Lakers land one of those top 10 draft spots, they will have another young talent to develop for the future. Perfect timing if I do say so myself, and not to mention with big names like Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James testing free agency this summer, The lakers are liable to get at least one big name.

The new “Black Mamba”?

When the Lakers aquired free agent Xavier Henry they were hoping to get contributions from him off the bench. His main role was going to be giving the starters a much needed rest, and if he so happened to add a few buckets then it was more than what the Lakers were hoping for. Instead xavier Henry quickly emerged as the go to scorer for the lakers repalcing laker legend Kobe Bryant. Though Kobe is still out, The Lakers have managed to keep a winning record this season. Xavier is playing the shooting guard, which is Kobe’s spot… Once Kobe comes back from injury, one can only wonder if Henry would just move up to the Sf position, or just provide a much needed scoring burst from the bench, whenever Kobe needs a rest.