2014 season

This is the first year that Kobe hasnt had another superstar with him since the post-shaq era. He is surrounded by shooters and role players that are willing to contribute to the team in anyway, shape or form. The only big names on the roster besides kobe is the ever aging steve nash, who has had some trouble finding the fountain of youth, and the spaniard, Pau Gasol. Other than that role players like NIck young, Jodie meeks, Chris Kaman, and Jordan Farmar will be looking to contribute any way they can. With the team placed on the Black Mamba’s shoulders, the wold will be watching as Kobe and his Lakers will try and make some noise in the NBA.


2 thoughts on “2014 season

    • I feel like they will be succesful if Kobe steps into that mentor role, and gives them his “cheat sheet” to scoring. Its just so many new faces in Laker land.. so it will be tough to get used to everyone, or rather everyone getting used to Kobe.

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