Lakers Draft and development issues

Since Kobe Bryant, the lkaers have yet to actually take a young player and develop him fully intoa star. Since Kobe was drafted by the hornets and then aquired via trade by the Lakers for the rights to Vlade Diavac, The lakers havent had an actual “project” to develop. Why would you though? Being the primary hot spot for premier talent, The Lakers can pick anyone they want up through free agency, which includes the great Lebron James. He still isnt out of the question, but ther are people that say Lebron could end up in hollywood. Honestly I think Carmelo has a better chance of ending up in Los Angeles.


2014 season

This is the first year that Kobe hasnt had another superstar with him since the post-shaq era. He is surrounded by shooters and role players that are willing to contribute to the team in anyway, shape or form. The only big names on the roster besides kobe is the ever aging steve nash, who has had some trouble finding the fountain of youth, and the spaniard, Pau Gasol. Other than that role players like NIck young, Jodie meeks, Chris Kaman, and Jordan Farmar will be looking to contribute any way they can. With the team placed on the Black Mamba’s shoulders, the wold will be watching as Kobe and his Lakers will try and make some noise in the NBA.