Lakers vs Warriors

The Lakers pulled out the win last night against the Golden State Warriors. With the warriors star player, Stephen Curry, out for the second straight game, it looked as though the Lakers were going to catch a break. Pau Gasol pledged 1,000$ for every point he scored would go to unicef disaster relief for the Philippines. Gasol ended the night with 24 points, and stated that he was thinking about that pledge every time he had the ball in his hands. The Lakers caught another break when Warriors star Andre Igoudala went down as well, it gave the Lakers another advantage. Still awaiting the return of Kobe, the Lakers are holding on until the return of their superstar. 


Season Update for Lakers

The Lakers lost a tight one to the Memphis Grizzles last night, 89-86. While players like Jodie Meeks, who had 25, and Nick Young, who had 19, stepped up the Lakers were still unable to pull out the W. At 4-7 so far in the the year the Lakers are currently 4th place in their division, only ahead of the slugging Kings. As this will likely be down season for the Lakers, the upcoming draft promises at least 10 franchise changing players coming out of college, possibly even 15. Should the Lakers land one of those top 10 draft spots, they will have another young talent to develop for the future. Perfect timing if I do say so myself, and not to mention with big names like Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James testing free agency this summer, The lakers are liable to get at least one big name.

The new “Black Mamba”?

When the Lakers aquired free agent Xavier Henry they were hoping to get contributions from him off the bench. His main role was going to be giving the starters a much needed rest, and if he so happened to add a few buckets then it was more than what the Lakers were hoping for. Instead xavier Henry quickly emerged as the go to scorer for the lakers repalcing laker legend Kobe Bryant. Though Kobe is still out, The Lakers have managed to keep a winning record this season. Xavier is playing the shooting guard, which is Kobe’s spot… Once Kobe comes back from injury, one can only wonder if Henry would just move up to the Sf position, or just provide a much needed scoring burst from the bench, whenever Kobe needs a rest.

Opening Night

The lakers opened up their regular season against the new bully in LA, the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s weird saying that because in past years the clippers have been horrible, i mean HORRIBLE. The clippers are now a powerhouse in the west and are a favorite to win the NBA championship. So since Kobe is still out and the Lakers really dont have a go to scorer, they were supposed to get killed right? wrong… role players like Jordan Hill and Jordan Farmar really stepped up their game, catching the clippers off guard in what turned out to be a route of the hometown hero Clippers.

Lakers Draft and development issues

Since Kobe Bryant, the lkaers have yet to actually take a young player and develop him fully intoa star. Since Kobe was drafted by the hornets and then aquired via trade by the Lakers for the rights to Vlade Diavac, The lakers havent had an actual “project” to develop. Why would you though? Being the primary hot spot for premier talent, The Lakers can pick anyone they want up through free agency, which includes the great Lebron James. He still isnt out of the question, but ther are people that say Lebron could end up in hollywood. Honestly I think Carmelo has a better chance of ending up in Los Angeles.

2014 season

This is the first year that Kobe hasnt had another superstar with him since the post-shaq era. He is surrounded by shooters and role players that are willing to contribute to the team in anyway, shape or form. The only big names on the roster besides kobe is the ever aging steve nash, who has had some trouble finding the fountain of youth, and the spaniard, Pau Gasol. Other than that role players like NIck young, Jodie meeks, Chris Kaman, and Jordan Farmar will be looking to contribute any way they can. With the team placed on the Black Mamba’s shoulders, the wold will be watching as Kobe and his Lakers will try and make some noise in the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers: The Fantastic Forum

The Great Forum! was the Lkaers home for around 30 years, hosting some of the greatest players of all time, from Mr. Clutch Jerry West), to Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain, The Captai Kareem Abdul-JAbar, and Showtime (magic johnson). Other than great players playing there, and having hosted the best franchise in nba history, The Forum was a pop culture fad in the 70’s, 80’s, and part of the 90’s! Everyone in hollywood was at the Laker game whether you liked basketall or not. A-list celebrities could be found all over the arena, and that meant that every game was going to be televised. The Lakers are no longer in the Forum, they have moved to the iconic staples center, but some dbate that the staples center will never have the magnitude the forum did.